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Seasonal green salads for spring

Spring is here, and the change of seasons brings with it fresh spring vegetables, perfect for a variety of dishes from salads to light pasta dishes, frittatas and more.  Seasonal spring greens include everything from crisp asparagus, curly-leafed kale and the solid favourite avocado to the sometimes forgotten sugar snap and snow peas, brussel sprouts, broccoli and more. Whether you’re looking for a green salad recipe with a difference or a spring salad that’s a little more substantial, this collection of seasonal salads has all bases covered.

1. Grilled cos and asparagus salad

Packed with fresh produce and a light smoky flavour thanks to chargrilled cos and asparagus, this gorgeous green salad is perfect for your next barbecue or spring gathering. Serve alongside your steak or grilled chicken for dinner or take along for your next bring-along dish.

2. Brussels sprouts and kale with tahini dressing

Brussels sprouts and kale have been given a bad wrap, but this side will have even the most reluctant cook totally reevaluating their opinion on these two. Using your trusty slow cooker and a tangy tahini dressing, you’ll be serving up this side at every occasion. The Mediterranean flavours of cranberry and cumin go perfectly with lamb.

3. BBQ haloumi and fennel panzanella salad

If there’s one thing that makes a salad extra tasty, it’s grilled haloumi. That squeaky, salty cheese gives spring salads added texture and flavour. If you need a new dish for your next gathering, you can’t go past our haloumi and fennel panzanella salad.

4. Curtis Stone’s grilled asparagus salad with fried chickpeas

Lightly spiced and fried until crispy, chickpeas add a delightful crunch to this grilled asparagus salad. With a bed of baby rocket with mild avocado and crunchy spring vegetables, this salad really pops thanks to a creamy dressing that uses the aquafaba leftover from tinned chickpeas. It adds fantastic texture and reduces food the same time.

5. Avocado and shaved brussels sprouts salad

Once shunned, brussels sprouts have been given a rival recently thanks to recipes like this one. When shaved thinly, drowned in a zesty dressing alongside a variety of crowd-pleasers like avocado and baby broccoli, brussel sprouts shine. Serve with your choice of protein.