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Healthy salads

Revitalise your lunch routine with these healthy salad recipes that are full of nutritional value and flavour. 

1. Beef, peach and mozzarella salad

Turn a summery salad into a meal by topping it with juicy beef for a protein hit. 

2. Brown rice salad with lamb 

Complete with juicy corn and creamy avocado, this hearty wholegrain salad works a treat with tender lamb. 

3. Quinoa and salmon salad

Brought together with a yoghurt and dill dressing, this gluten-free salad is delicious for lunch or dinner.

4. Sweet potato salad with egg and asparagus 

This vibrant vegetarian salad is brimming with satisfying ingredients, so it can be served as a main dish.

5. Chilli roasted cauliflower salad with chicken 

If you’re looking for a healthy chicken salad recipe that doesn’t compromise on flavour, this gluten and dairy-free recipe is it.