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Homemade Christmas craft for the whole family

Create special memories by creating Christmas craft with the kids in the lead-up to Christmas. We’ve even got craft ideas for grown-ups, too.

Easy craft ideas for Christmas

One of the best parts of the festive season is the buzz that builds in the lead-up to the big day. And one of the easiest ways to foster that excitement, and create some great family memories along the way, is by having Christmas ‘crafternoons’ with your toddlers, littlies, teens or even on your own. We’ve compiled some easy Christmas craft ideas the whole family can make.

Christmas crafts for toddlers

The key to crafting with toddlers is keeping it fun, quick and easy because littlies have short attention spans. A good place to start is with Christmas paper crafts, by getting your toddlers to help with your DIY Christmas cards. Not only will they be personal but they’ll likely be more sustainable, too. (Make sure you use recyclable materials and steer clear of glitter and foil, which can’t be recycled.) 

A fun card idea is reindeer hands. Grab some brown kraft paper and finger paint (brown paint is traditional but any colour will do). Get your kids to dip the palms of their hands in the finger paint and then place their hands flat on the paper. Once dry, use glue to stick on craft eyes (under the fingers) and use red paint to create a nose (in the middle of the palm). If the kids are old enough for craft scissors, get them to cut around each reindeer then glue that onto white cardboard to create your card. 

Toddlers and younger kids can also use ice-cream sticks to create Christmas decorations to hang on the Christmas tree. Collect – or buy – ice-cream sticks, then get the kids to use various shades of green paint to cover them completely. Use glue to stick the ice-cream sticks together in a tree shape or a wreath shape (do a few layers all at slightly different angles). Add a star to the top of the tree or a bow to the wreath. Stick a loop of kitchen string on the back of the decoration so the kids can hang it on the tree.

Christmas craft for kids

Older kids and teens can get slightly more ambitious when it comes to Christmas craft, and it’s a good opportunity to start having sustainability conversations with them, too. Tinsel can’t be recycled (although obviously it can be reused again and again). Get the kids thinking about alternatives to tinsel – biodegradable garland ideas include pasta shapes, popcorn and pretzels woven through Christmas ribbon. 

Teens can also head to the kitchen for Christmas crafting (or what some might refer to as cooking). Let the kids decorate a homemade gingerbread house or buy a gingerbread kit from Coles. Remember, these don’t have to be worthy of Home Beautiful – the aim is for the kids to express their creativity, have fun and eat leftover lollies. 

Christmas craft ideas for adults

We’ve left the best for the adults. Google alternatives to Christmas trees and you’ll see where we are heading. While traditional Christmas trees are lovely, both a fake tree (not recyclable) and a real tree (hard to dispose of) come with challenges. Get creative this year and try our Christmas tree crafts, instead.

To make a surprisingly easy ‘tree’, grab a piece of wood. An old door, a reclaimed piece of timber or even a new piece of wood from the hardware store will all work. Hammer some small nails into the wood in the shape of a tree, either in rows or randomly, then hang baubles off each nail. Lean the wood against the wall and tree done. 

For something even easier, find a branch in the backyard that has quite a few twigs on it. Spray paint the branch silver or gold, or leave it natural, and stand it in a vase. Hang decorations on the twigs. We like baubles all in the same colour family for an underrated and stylish tree.


Build your own gingerbread house