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How to carve ham

Christmas ham is a must-have for your festive feast. Choose your ham from the great range at Coles, then try our tips for carving, prepping and storing.

Slicing a ham

Step 1 

Place a Coles Half Leg Ham or Full Leg Ham on a clean work surface. Use a small sharp knife to carefully cut through the rind, starting approximately 10cm from the shank, down the length of the ham. Run a thumb under the rind to separate it from the fat. Peel the rind back, sliding your fingers underneath to remove it from the fat. Score a diamond pattern across the ham at 15-20mm intervals.

For even slices, use a large sharp knife to cut the ham crossways and at a slight angle to the bone.

Carving ham

Step 2 

Remove slices by running the knife lengthways along either side of the bone. Continue slicing towards the hock.

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