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How to select and prep vine-ripened truss tomatoes

Find out how to choose perfectly ripe tomatoes and slice them just right with these tips. 



1. What to look for

When selecting tomatoes, look for fruit that's heavy with a round shape. This means the tomatoes are ripe and juicy. 

Scoth fillet steaks

2. How to store them

To keep them at thier flavoursome best, tomatoes should be kept at room temperature, not in the fridge. They're ready to eat when aromatic and slightly soft, and their colour is bright red.

Scoth fillet steaks

3. Slice 'em right

The skin of tomatoes is soft and thin, so it's best to use a serrated knife - such as a steak knife - to cut into wedges or slices. If you're using a large cook's knife, make sure it's very sharp. 

Scoth fillet steaks

4. Use them up

Overripe tomatoes can be chopped and added to stews and pasta sauces for some sweet goodness.

Scoth fillet steaks