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A month of meals made easy

We’ve created 4 weeks of weeknight recipes to help you easily plan out a month of dinners for your family. Each week includes different proteins (and a vego dish) so there’s balance in your meals and variety on your plate!

Week 1

Your first week is made super easy and helps reduce food waste, too, as the ingredients you buy at the start of the week are cleverly used across all recipes and mostly used up by Friday.

1. Monday: Speedy chicken

Dairy and gluten-free, this tasty bowl features lots of colourful veg.

3. Wednesday: Salad night

Quick to cook, this salad is made even heartier with chunks of grilled sourdough.

4. Thursday: Leftover lamb pasta

Using up the leftover barbecued lamb from Tuesday makes this a quick and easy winner.

5. Friday: Fast frittata

Frittatas are an excellent way to use up leftover veggies bought at the start of the week.

Week 2

From meat-free Monday to fish-and-chip Friday, this week has it all.

6. Monday: Vego summer tabouli

Fresh and super summery, you can make this recipe even speedier by using bought tabouli from the deli instead of making it from scratch.

7. Tuesday: BBQ chicken

These gluten-free skewers can be made with pork or beef, too.

8. Wednesday: Super-easy lamb

Make night time easier by prepping the salad and coating the lamb in the morning.

9. Thursday: Healthy seafood

This easy coconut milk based curry offers 4 serves of veg and is high in protein and dietary fibre.

10. Friday: Crumbed fish

Serve your family like a chef: make Curtis Stone’s take on fish and chips for ‘Fakeaway Friday’.

Week 3

Burger, barbecues and easy salads are this week’s summer saviours.

11. Monday: Vegetarian burgers

Do something different for burger night with bright patties oozing with blue cheese.

12. Tuesday: Quick chicken

 Get ahead by marinating the chicken the night before.

13. Wednesday: BBQ beef

Featuring convenience products, this dish is on the table in 15 minutes.

14. Thursday: Easy pork salad

Grilled pineapple gives sweet summer flavour to this mouth-watering salad.

Week 4

New ways with pasta and pizza are some of the stars this week.

16. Monday: BBQ lamb

Make Monday night a bit fancy with Curtis Stone’s BBQ lamb that you can prep ahead.

17. Tuesday: Vegetarian pasta

Pair budget-friendly penne with just 4 more ingredients to turn out a tasty dinner.

18. Wednesday: Chicken Burgers

You can make and freeze the patties up to 3 months in advance.

19. Thursday: Easy steak and veg

While we’ve used a mix of veg, you can use whatever you have handy in your fridge.

20. Friday: Pizza fakeaway

A wholemeal base and high-protein toppings give this a healthier spin on a takeaway classic.