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Know your mangoes

All the delicious in-season mangoes at Coles are 100 per cent Australian grown, sourced from the Northern Territory to Far North Queensland. Here’s a guide to the best varieties in store now and how to use them.


This variety has a sweet aroma and small seed – so more firm, juicy flesh to enjoy. Try it in fresh salads or cooked on the barbecue. 

Try it in our lamb cutlets with chilli mango sambal.

Kensington Pride

Rich and juicy, this medium-sized variety is sweet with vibrant yellow flesh. When ripe the skin will be mostly yellow, but a little green is okay.

Try it in our mango and raspberry coconut semifreddo.


Large and round in shape, this variety has firm flesh and a sweet mild taste – perfect with tropical flavours.

Try it in our mango hummingbird sheet cake.