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DIY Christmas hampers

Don’t get caught out this festive season. If you need a last-minute present, head to your nearest Coles and put together a DIY Christmas gift hamper.

Last-minute DIY Christmas hampers

There’s always someone who’s a last-minute addition to Christmas lunch or a distant relative who brings an unexpected plus-one. Regardless of how well you think you’ve prepared for the holidays, too often there’s an unaccounted person for whom you’ll need to magic up a gift. Never fear, because with a little imagination, you can create a last-minute DIY Christmas hamper from Coles.

If you’re not sure what to put in a Christmas hamper, we’ve come up with some easy ideas based on some common themes, but you could just as easily get creative with your own combinations of sweet treats, drinks and other items available from Coles. Take a wander through the aisles and just think to yourself, what would I like to receive?

christmas items hamper

Christmas gift hampers for the dinner party host

You never want to head to someone’s house empty-handed. For those occasions, putting together this sweet gift is a mini grazing platter waiting to happen.

Start with a Cook & Dine Bistro Speckle Dinner Plate and add your treats. Our suggestions are a lovely piece of cheese, like Castello Double Cream Brie, and plenty of accompaniments: Olina’s Artisan Crackers Biscuits Date & Apricot, Provedore Prosciutto, Sandhurst Sun Dried Tomatoes, Sunbeam Australian Nuts Natural Walnuts and Beechworth Bee Cause Australian Coastal Honey. Wrap it all up with a bottle of rosé – try Château Garamache Provence Rosé, available at Liquorland.

kids baking hamper

A Christmas hamper for the little baker

Each year, kids tend to end up with a stack of toys that they play with for only a few hours then forget all about. Why not forge a lifelong love affair with baking? Most kids like the idea of helping in the kitchen and, as they get a little older, you can surprise them with this fun gift that lets them have a go on their own.

You could buy them the basics for gingerbread cupcakes or, for the cookie lover, try this fun activity:

Rainbow cookie mix

Fill a Cook & Dine Clip Top Preserving Jar 1L with the following:

Layer 1 cup brown sugar, 2 cups plain flour, 1/3 cup cocoa powder, 180g M&M’s and 1/2 cup each of choc bits and mini pretzels. Write instructions on a tag: mix with 150g melted butter and 2 eggs. Roll into balls. Press on lined baking trays. Bake at 180ºC for 10–15 mins. Allow to cool on trays. 

All you’ll need to add is a Wiltshire Smartstack Cookie Sheet, a Wiltshire Smartstack 9 Cup Muffin PanCook & Dine Silicone Spatula and Cook & Dine Stainless Steel Cookie Cutters 4 Pack. Add Coles Bake & Create Natural Vanilla ExtractQueen All Natural Food Colours and Queen Ready to Roll Icing 5 Pack and they’ll be baking for hours.

Last-minute Christmas gifts for the summer drinks fan

Whether it’s hanging out by the pool or looking after the family barbecue, there’s always someone who’s making sure everyone has a topped-up drink. Here’s a refreshing gift idea that will make their day just a little easier.

Start with a Coles Cook & Dine Lamington Tray – filled with ice, it makes an ideal tray for serving drinks. Then add Coles Cook & Dine 1L Preserving Jars for mixing and serving – you can fill them with lemons and limes for extra colour. Add a bottle of Bickford’s Lemon Lime & Bitters Cordial and tea bags with summer flavours, such as T2 Gorgeous Geisha and Iced Tea Peach Amore. Complete the kit with Coles Patterned Serviettes and eco-friendly Coles Cook & Dine Silicone Straws.