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Leftover chocolate recipes

It’s the abundance of chocolate that earns Easter literal brownie points every year, but it also supplies plenty of opportunities to get creative in the kitchen. Whether you’ve got chocolate eggs, bunnies, blocks or bars, you can melt these down and use them to create some epic desserts and snack-sized treats. Here are 7 of our best leftover chocolate recipes.

1. Chocolate mug cake

With a warm molten centre, this 7-minute lava cake in a mug is perfect for when you crave chocolate cake but don’t want to bake a whole one. Your trusty microwave does the job of transforming leftover chocolate, egg, milk, flour, and oil into a treat for a night-in on the couch.

2. Chocolate sauce

Out of the recipes with leftover chocolate, this is the most versatile. Melt chocolate with some cream and vanilla bean paste to make a glistening and smooth sauce that is sweet and decadent in just 15 minutes. Use it as a dip or drizzle over any sweet treat you desire. 

3. Chocolate tiramisu

This tiramisu is extra special. Airy and creamy, the mascarpone cheese and sponge fingers are bathed with extra drizzles of your leftover dark chocolate, then balanced with the bitterness from coffee and a touch of alcohol. Just 30 minutes in the kitchen and you have a dessert ready to serve to 10 lucky guests.

4. Chocolate Baklava

Layers of melted leftover dark chocolate, hazelnuts, almonds and crispy filo pastry are soaked in a fragrant orange syrup to create this twist on a beloved Middle Eastern treat. Ready in 1 hour, this recipe makes 24 pieces that you can serve as dessert at your next gathering.

5. Mars bar slice

Here's how to use leftover chocolate and Mars Bars! Melt and mix your chocolates with rice bubbles and butter, pop it in the fridge and you’ll have 24 fudgy slices ready to take to a birthday party, BBQ or to gift to a neighbour or friend.  

6. Chocolate Crackles

One bite into a sweet and crunchy chocolate crackle and you’re taken right back to a childhood birthday party. A great way to use up your Easter chocolates, this Aussie classic is ready to serve at your next picnic or party in just 45 minutes.


7. Easter cheesecake

Can’t decide between chocolate cake and cheesecake? Why not have both? Chocolate ripple biscuits are blitzed to form the base and leftover melted chocolate is mixed into the cheese mixture to make this rich and creamy dessert. It’s a beautiful way to cap off a long lunch or dinner party.