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Leftover strawberries? Here’s how to use them up

Leftover strawberries? Here’s how to use them up

1. Strawberry and Pimm’s crumble

Adding Pimms to the strawberry filling of this comforting crumble gives it a delicious summer flavour. It is really easy to make with just five ingredients.

2. Strawberry cheesecake banana bread

We’ve given classic banana bread a tasty twist. This berry-packed version is delicious toasted and served with butter.

3. Strawberry shortcake trifles 

For a winning combination that takes less than 30 minutes to make, try this fruity dessert. Each trifle is packed with strawberries, mascarpone and fluffy sponge.

4. Strawberry and coconut bircher muesli

For a fresh start to the morning, try this delicious bircher muesli. Packed with fruit and topped with strawberry yoghurt, this one is a surefire hit.

5. Mixed berry jam

After a new cooking project? Whip up a batch of sweet, homemade jam from scratch. It’s delicious on toast and makes a great DIY gift too.