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Lemon dessert recipes

Think of lemon recipes and you may lean towards something savoury, but for us it’s always going to be lemon desserts that are top of the list. Here are 10 of our favourite lemon dessert recipes, including lemon slice, lemon tart, lemon cheesecake and all kinds of lemon cake, plus different ways to whip up the classic lemon curd.

1. Lemon and blueberry curd

Once you know how to make lemon curd, you’ll always be able to whip up a homemade gift from the kitchen and take lemon curd desserts to the next level. This is a basic lemon curd recipe that’s layered with blueberry compote in the jars for a pretty swirled effect.

2. Mini lemon delicious puddings

Homemade lemon curd and candied citrus slices make the perfect toppings for our individual lemon delicious puddings. A go-to dessert for entertaining during citrus season, this nostalgic treat is a classic lemon dessert for winter, but you don’t have to wait for the temperature to drop to dive in.

3. Lemon and blueberry bundt cake with lemon drizzle

How do you make the classic lemon drizzle cake look even better? Make it in a decorative bundt pan to catch all that delicious icing. This lemon cake recipe is also bursting with sweet blueberries and has a homemade blueberry compote to serve on the side - with cream, of course.

4. Lemon and lime coconut slice

If we had to pick one lemon slice recipe, it would be this lemon coconut slice. Make a simple coconut slice base, spread with homemade lime and lemon curd, sprinkle over the coconut topping and bake. Then cut into squares, take a bite and discover how good classics can be.

5. Lemon poppy seed naked cake

You may think of lemon poppy seed cake as a simple everyday cake, but this version definitely has the wow factor. A triple-layer celebration cake topped with perfectly piped lemon poppy seed buttercream, its moist cake layers are made with a lemon yoghurt cake batter enriched with almond meal.

6. Mandarin and lemon meringue layer cake

How good does lemon meringue cake sound? It’s easy to make – spoon meringue mixture over the citrus cake batter in each pan before baking. Then layer the cakes up with a creamy topping, pavlova style. This recipe also shows you how to make lemon curd with a fresh mandarin twist.

7. Lemon curd and coconut milk cake

Looking for an easy lemon cake recipe? This no-bake version of tres leches cake only needs 15 mins prep, thanks to simple shortcuts. Soak bought sponge cake layers in coconut milk, evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk, layer up with whipped cream and bought lemon curd, then finish with toasted coconut.

8. Lemon and cardamom drizzle cake

There’s something special about this lemon cake recipe - it’s baked in the air fryer! A simple lemon yoghurt cake with a touch of spice, it has the drippy icing you love in a lemon drizzle cake. Not just for dessert, it’s also a great lemon tea cake for morning or afternoon breaks.

9. Slow cooker lemon cheesecake

You can bake a lemon cake in your air fryer, so why not make a lemon cheesecake in your slow cooker? Think of it like using the water bath method but without having to turn on your oven. This one is like the classic New York baked cheesecake with extra lemon flavour.

10. Lemon and blueberry vegan tart

This no-bake lemon tart is gluten, dairy and egg free, so it’s a great choice for when you’re entertaining guests with different dietary needs. Plus, it’s packed with delicious wholesome ingredients like cashews, almonds, pistachios, dates and coconut. Decorate with blueberries like we have or try a citrus-only twist.