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Luke Mangan's BBQ menu

Fire up the barbie and give these tasty recipes a go. Perfect for sharing, they’re sure to be a hit with friends and family.

1. Luke Mangan’s BBQ baby broccoli with anchovy and lemon

Made with anchovy and lemon, this smoky baby broccoli dish is the ultimate barbecue side.

2. Luke Mangan’s marinated chicken with orange and tarragon salsa

Marinated and served with an orange and tarragon salsa, this tasty chicken dish makes for a mouth-watering meal.

3. Luke Mangan’s Moroccan-spiced lamb cutlets with salsa verde

These flavourful lamb cutlets are a deliciously easy way to spice up your next family barbecue.

4. Luke Mangan’s watermelon and fetta salad

This refreshing fetta and watermelon salad is perfect served alongside chargrilled meats and seafood.

5. Luke Mangan’s caramelised pineapple with brown sugar chilli glaze

Finish off the meal with these sweet and sticky caramelised pineapple pops. They’ve got an irresistible kick.