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Master the basics of cooking

Need a hand in the kitchen? Master the basics with our how-to guides and essential cooking hacks. From boiling eggs to roasting chicken, our quick tutorials will bring you up to speed.

How to cook the perfect steak

Curtis Stone shows us how to nail the perfect steak every single time. From choosing the right cut of meat to getting the chargrill to the right temp before cooking, he lays all his tips and tricks on the table.

How to boil eggs

Do you like them super gooey or hard and set? Follow our guide to cooking boiled eggs just the way you like them.

How to scramble eggs

Want to know the trick to making the best scrambled eggs ever? Here are all the tips you need to whip up a batch of deliciously fluffy eggs.

How to make the perfect poached eggs

Daunted by poached eggs? Never fear! We share our must-know technique to achieve that irresistibly oozy yolk every time.

How to make perfect pork crackling

Who doesn't love golden, crunchy pork crackling? We show you exactly how it's done with these must-know steps. It's a great one for entertaining.

How to cook rice

Serve up fluffy rice time and time again with this easy how-to guide. We give you two simple methods you can use to cook long-grain rice and brown rice.

How to cook salmon

Want the secret to salmon success? We break down the steps you need to achieve delicious, crispy skin and perfectly cooked fish. It makes for a tasty midweek meal.

How to roast beef

Perfect for Sunday lunch, the classic beef roast is a family favourite. We'll walk you through the steps from start to finish so you nail it every time.

How to make pasta

Making pasta from scratch is easier than you may think. All you need are some pantry and fridge staples, a pasta machine and this simple guide to whip up a tasty bowl of comfort food.

How to cook potatoes

Who doesn't adore a crunchy, roasted potato? Learn to perfect this much-loved side dish using our handy tips and tricks.

How to cook roast lamb

A tasty roast lamb is a must for your repertoire. Our no-fail guide runs through the secrets you'll need for plating up a flavour-packed meal.

How to cook roast chicken

Whether you're entertaining or whipping up a family meal, nothing beats a flavoursome roast chicken. Here's a guide on how to achieve crispy, golden skin and perfectly tender meat.

How to cook quinoa

Learn to cook light, fluffy quinoa every time by applying our super simple steps. With a nutty flavour and light texture, it's a great addition to fresh salads and soups.

How to cook corn

Want to cook corn in a flash? This microwave method makes it easy to remove the husks and silks in one go. Dish it up, add some butter and season for a delicous, juicy side or snack.

How to cut a pineapple

Make the most of your pineapple by using this easy prepping technique. It's a great way to cut down on wastage so you can enjoy even more of its juicy, fresh goodness!

How to make buttercream icing

Whip up your best-ever batch of buttercream icing using this step-by-step guide. With an irresistibly creamy texture, it's a great addition to your standard bakes.

How to make the perfect baked cheesecake

Master this classic dessert thanks to our step-by-step guide and handy tips. From creating a crunchy base to a creamy, sweet filling, we'll show you how to finish with a show-stopping cheesecake.