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Matt Stone's waste wise recipes

Matt Stone is all about clever cooking to reduce food waste. Try his tasty recipes that are great to use up leftovers like bananas and potato peel.

1. Leftover dinner omelette

Omelettes are easy use it up recipes that work with lots of different ingredients. If you have meat and veggies in the fridge from your last Sunday roast, make a leftovers omelette!

2. Strawberry and lime cordial

No waste recipes include drinks, too! This homemade cordial is perfect to have in the fridge for a sweet and refreshing drink. Try it with lime and strawberry, or twist the flavours.

3. Banana blueberry and oat muffins

Old fruit is perfect for leftover recipes. Use those browning bananas in the fruit bowl to make these delicious muffins – they’re great for lunch boxes or a snack. 

4. Salt and vinegar potato skins

This recipe is a clever way to stop potato peel going to waste.  Sustainable cooking is easy when it tastes this good!