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Meals for friends in need

Know someone in need of hearty, delicious meals? These transportable recipes are sure to cheer anyone up and leave them with a handy supply of leftovers.

1. Cheat's beef lasagne

Cheesy lasagne is always going to be a favourite and this version is no exception. With a couple of clever shortcuts, it's super easy to prep.

2. Corn and zucchini frittata

Whip up this delicious corn and zucchini frittata this week. Great for dinner then leftovers the next day, this easy and versatile dish can be made with whatever fillings you like.

3. Chicken noodle soup

A classic dish for those feeling under the weather and needing cheering up. This chicken noodle soup packs plenty of flavour and couldn't be easier to make.

4. Creamy chicken, mushroom and leek pie

Know someone after a hearty feed? Look no further than this mouth-watering chicken and mushroom pie.

5. Perfect scones

Nothing beats a light, fluffy scone. Try our perfect scone recipe and serve them with jam and fresh cream for the ultimate afternoon treat.

6. Caramelised apple upside-down cake

Topped with sticky caramelised apples, this delicious cake is just the thing to cheer anyone up. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.