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Michael Weldon's food trends to watch

We’re familiar with Indian, but how about trying other South Asian cuisines such as Sri Lankan, Tibetan or Afghan? Coles ambassador Michael Weldon shows us how, with delicious results.

One of the most exciting food trends of the past few years is the rise in cuisines from lesser-known South Asian countries. Indian cuisine has long been popular in Australia, but how many of us have tried Sri Lankan, Tibetan or Afghan food?

I was introduced to Sri Lankan flavours while filming MasterChef in season three. The flavours are bright and vibrant, the heat significantly hotter than a lot of Indian dishes and there is a lot more coconut used.

Another emerging South Asian cuisine is the exciting and delicious Afghani cuisine. The flavours in Afghan food are a combination of Middle Eastern flavours with some influence from more central Asian countries, including garam masala hailing from India. It is an exciting combination of cuisines, and the result is simply delicious.

Tibetan food is a relatively new kid on the block in Australia but is a cuisine that is steeped in history. The food of Tibet includes ingredients such as butter and dairy because cows and yaks are easily raised there. There is also a lot of barley in Tibetan cuisine, milled to make flour for breads. The star of Tibetan cuisine for me is the dumplings, or “momos”. The filling for momos can change but I love the beef version.

Enjoy these recipes!

1. Borani banjan (braised eggplant with garlic yoghurt)

Topped with a herb and garlic yoghurt, this borani banjan makes for a delicious meat-free meal. With just 15-minutes prep time, this tasty eggplant dish is an easy winner.

2. Sri Lankan-style chicken curry

Spice up dinnertime with Michael Weldon’s Sri Lankan-style chicken curry. Serve it with steamed rice and coriander for a satisfying meal.

3. Tibetan momos

Michael Weldon’s flavourful Tibetan beef momo recipe is a must-try. Served with a homemade sauce, these tasty dumplings are perfect for sharing.