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Mother's Day brunch ideas

Breakfast in bed is always a welcome treat on Mother’s Day…unless she’s the type that likes a sleep-in! For the mum’s who want to get up a little later, we’ve compiled a short list of the best recipes for a Mother’s Day brunch menu so that she can start the day with a smile.

1. French toast with plum and rhubarb

French toast is a signature brunch food that never fails to make her feel special. The juicy plum and rhubarb is utterly mouth-watering, especially when served on lightly spiced, homemade French toast and a dollop of cream. Perfect for mum’s sweet tooth!

2.  Pea and salmon fritters with poached eggs

Fritters are a staple brunch menu item, and these pea-packed salmon fritters are a great lower-carb choice that taste delicious. Stacked and topped with a perfectly poached egg (which is surprisingly easy to do), this is a great dish to start her Mother’s Day off strong.

3.  Pear Bircher muesli with chia and vanilla almond milk

 For the mums who like a bit of a cooler breakfast, this Bircher muesli is a must-have brunch menu item. Full of nuts, seeds, and rolled oats with seasonal pear to add a great burst of sweetness, this creamy muesli is summer-style brunch at its best.

4. Brekkie bruschetta with mushrooms and lentils

Another easy classic, bruschetta is a wonderful option for Mother’s Day brunch. It’s as elegant as a late breakfast can get and looks amazing on the plate, with crumbled fetta, caramelised mushrooms and heart-healthy garlicky lentils to set her day up for success.

5. Big breakfast pizza with egg, pork and tomato

Few things are more indulgent than pizza for breakfast, and this recipe features some iconic breakfast foods like egg, bacon, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, all piled on crispy pita bread. Whether paired with coffee or a mimosa, this one is sure to be a winner.

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