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Mother’s Day high tea

Why just settle for breakfast in bed when you could treat her to high tea at home? We’ve put together a high tea for Mother’s Day that honours the classic British experience: three savoury recipes for the bottom tier, three scone recipes for the middle tier, three sweet recipes for the top tier, and a refreshing cocktail to wash it all down. With plenty of afternoon tea recipes to choose from on Coles, here are our high tea ideas to really make it a happy Mother’s Day.

1. Green goddess hummus sandwiches

It wouldn’t be a traditional high tea without at least one sandwich! This herbaceous, antipasto-inspired green goddess is our pick of high tea sandwiches. Packed with great texture and wonderful flavours, it’s an excellent starter that really pleases the palate and gets mum excited for the next bite.

2. Pea and dill fritters with smoked salmon

She’ll take bite-sized delight in this delicate hors d'oeuvre. Delicious smoked salmon is laid atop a dollop of decadent sauce and set upon an airy, homemade pea fritter. This high tea addition is sure to impress mum and maker alike—it’s simple, tasty, and done in just half an hour.

3.  Air fryer pork, walnut and blue cheese sausage rolls

Sausage rolls are a great savoury recipe for high tea as they offer something a little bit more substantial to keep busy mums satisfied. Breaking out the air fryer for this one is well worth the effort. She’ll love the contrast of the juicy pork and blue cheese filling with the crispy, sesame seed pastry crust.

4. Classic scones with jam and cream

She made it through the first tier of her Mother’s Day high tea menu, so it’s time to step up. Introducing: the quintessential jam-and-cream scone. With just the right balance of savoury and sweet, this is the perfect transition between courses and a high tea staple.

5. Curtis Stone's buttermilk scones with lemon curd

While jam and cream might have the high tea monopoly, mum might just welcome something a little different. That’s where Curtis Stone and his buttermilk and lemon curd scone comes into play. Sweet, tangy, and pull-apart soft, the best part of this recipe is that it’s designed to leave leftovers for the chef.

6.  Five-ingredient raspberry and white chocolate scones

We’re really setting up for that final tier now, and these white chocolate and raspberry scones are just the thing to get her there. Made with just five ingredients, these effortless scones are the perfect opportunity to get the kids in the kitchen (if you can convince them to leave at least one for mum).

7.  Vegan chocolate and mixed berry mousse

Totally vegan and fuss-free, this chocolate and mixed berry mousse means there is no cooking required. Packed with fruit and seeds and topped with coconut and pistachios, each beautiful layer of this pint-sized dessert offers a new texture and flavour. This one is a refreshing start to mum’s final tier.

8. Miso-caramel chocolate tart

Mother’s Day is rich with love, and this miso-caramel chocolate tart is rich with everything else. Boasting complex flavours and opulent texture, this one is a Mother’s Day gift all on its own. If she’s a chocolate lover, this might just be her favourite treat on the whole table.

9. Mini raspberry cheesecakes

The most challenging part of this recipe is working out where to hide it in the fridge since you’ll be making it the night before. We promise it’ll be worth it for everyone involved—it’s creamy and tangy and the perfect way to round out a wonderful Mother’s Day high tea.

10. Blackberry and lime mojitos

All good high teas, whether you’re hosting at home or enjoying them elsewhere, require a beverage to pair with them. An actual pot of tea is the obvious choice, but a cocktail is a little bit special. Our seasonal pick is this blackberry and lime mojito. Cold and refreshing, this smooth sipper is an excellent way to reset her palate between bites. If she’s alcohol-free, swap out the rum for ginger ale, lemonade, or a mix of both.