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Mushroom recipes for midweek meals

Load your week up with mushrooms and give these tasty recipes a go. 

1. Chicken schnitzel with lemon and mushroom sauce 

Served with a tangy mushroom sauce, this chicken schnitzel dish is definitely a must-try. 

2. Mushroom bianco lasagne

Try this mushroom bianco lasagne for a great meat-free option. 

3. Lamb, harissa and mixed mushroom meatloaf

Spice up your usual meatloaf recipe with this harissa flavoured dish. 

4. Sticky mushroom rice bowl with nori-wrapped salmon

This sticky mushroom rice bowl is served with salmon, and definitely one to add to the list. 

5. Creamy chicken, mushroom and leek pie

This French-style chicken pie is loaded with mushroom and leek. 

6. Curtis’ mushroom ramen

Have a go at this flavour-packed noodle dish - it’s filling and easy to make. 


7. One-pan creamy mushroom and spinach chicken

Save yourself the washing up with this simple one-pan chicken dish. 

8. Creamy mushroom gnocchi 

This mushroom gnocchi is the ultimate creamy dish.