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Nourishing winter meals

It’s easy to enjoy good-for-you food any day of the week. We show you how with these delicious slow cooker recipes.


1. Slow cooker honey-soy pork belly with Asian greens  

Served with Asian greens, this honey-soy pork belly is the perfect mix of sweet and savoury. 

2. Slow cooker baked beans 

Take your baked beans up a notch with our slow cooker recipe. 

3. Tuscan-style bean soup 

This bean soup is full of flavour, and great for those cooler evenings. 

4. Slow cooker pork and rice stuffed pumpkin 

Switch up your usual dishes with this pork and rice stuffed pumpkin. 

5. Slow cooker cauliflower with lentil and chilli dahl 

Served with a lentil and chilli dahl, this slow cooker cauliflower packs a punch. 

6. Slow cooker prawns with vegetable rice 

Get some seafood into your week with these slow cooker prawns. 

7. Pressure cooker barley and meatball casserole 

This warming meatball casserole is the ultimate winter dish. 

8. Spanish-style chicken and rice 

Keep dinner simple but tasty with our delicious Spanish-style chicken and rice recipe.