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Our top Easter desserts

Looking for some Easter recipes for dessert? We’ve put all the best Easter dessert recipes in one place. There’s something special for everyone here, including recipes for dietary requirements. 

1. Pumpkin pie cheesecake 

Impress your guests with this show-stopping Easter dessert recipe

2. Toffee apple pavlovas

Complete with homemade caramel sauce and a dollop of mascarpone, these individual pavs have the perfect balance of crisp and creamy textures. 

3. Chocolate & hazelnut upside-down pear cake

This rustic dessert is the perfect dessert to round an Easter feast. 

4. Mascarpone chocolate tart with roasted grapes 

Roasted grapes give this elegant dessert a pretty pop of colour. 

5. Lemon & blueberry bundt cake with lemon drizzle 

Served with a blueberry compote, this lemony dessert is perfectly sweet and zingy.  

6. Basque cheesecake 

Golden on the outside and irresistibly creamy in the centre, serve up this melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake and watch it disappear. 

7. Double choc-caramel peanut tart

Sweet and salty, creamy and crunchy, this decadent dessert ticks all the boxes. 

8. Choc-hazelnut self-saucing pudding

Looking for easy Easter dessert recipes? This comforting pudding is one of them. It takes just 10 minutes to prep, and is delicious with a scoop of your favourite ice cream. 

9. Mocha creme caramels

We’ve infused the classic French custard dessert with coffee and bittersweet dark chocolate. 

10. Hot cross bun flower pudding 

Make the most of leftover hot cross buns and whip up this bread and butter pudding with an Easter twist. 

11. Chocolate and coconut hot cross bun fridge cake 

This fridge cake uses choc hot cross buns for a sweet twist. It can be made the day before and kept in the fridge for a fuss-free Easter dessert.

12. Hot cross bun bombe 

Get the kids in the kitchen to help create this colourful dessert - it’s the perfect Easter recipe make when you can’t decide between hot cross buns or ice cream. 

13. Hot cross bun caramel slice

Coles Apple & Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns are the star ingredient in this decadent dessert. 

14. DIY filled Easter eggs

The kids will love filling and decorating these cute Easter egg treats.

15. Hot cross bun trifle

For a trifle that screams Easter, use hot cross buns instead of sponge cake, and serve with Easter chocolates. 

16. Banoffee layer cake

Finished with a white chocolate icing and a dulce le leche drizzle, there’s a lot to love in this cake that’s fit for a celebration. 

17. Miso-caramel chocolate tart 

Take this sophisticated dessert to the next level by topping it with crunchy sesame snaps and a sprinkle of vibrant green matcha. 

18. Caramelised white chocolate vanilla slice

White chocolate and caramel are the perfect match in our twist on a classic vanilla slice. 

19. Chocolate cheesecake with warm mocha cream

The best thing about this irresistible chocolate cheesecake? It’s gluten free so more of your friends and family can indulge.

20. Triple chocolate layer cake 

This impressive triple chocolate layer cake will wow your crowd. Even better, it’s made with vegan ingredients. 

21. Hot cross bun Oreo frozen cheesecake

Sandwich a cookies and cream semifreddo between chocolate hot cross buns and meet your new go-to Easter dessert recipe.