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Party finger food ideas on a budget

Catering finger food for large groups of friends and family can quickly add up. Serving budget-friendly finger food will help your buck go further. We have put together some of our favourite easy finger food ideas which are full of flavour, easy on your wallet and great for large crowds. From arancini and sausage rolls to cheat’s cheesecake tarts these will keep your guests satisfied and your party going. 

1. Cheat’s sausage rolls

Whether it's for a cocktail party pr a casual get together, these cheat’s sausage rolls are easy to make and won’t let you down. They’re a hit on any occasion.

2. Pea and dill fritters with smoked salmon

These bite-size fritters are packed with flavour thanks to pea, dill and smoked salmon. They’re the ultimate cold finger food.

3. Prosciutto, cranberry and goat’s cheese mini tarts

This savoury tart recipe is perfect for any occasion. Topped with prosciutto, cranberries and goat's cheese, they make an irresistible bite.

4. Lamb, spinach and fetta cigars

These crisp and flavoursome pastry delights are filled with lamb, spinach and fetta. Served with tzatziki dip, they’re a delicious addition to any cocktail menu.

5. Porcini mushroom arancini

These porcini mushroom arancini are the perfect hot finger food and a delicious way to start your party. Plus, you can make the rice balls ahead to save time on the day.

6. Tasia and Gracia’s prawn and pork wontons

This easy prawn and pork wonton recipe is perfect for sharing with friends. Served with a spicy mayonnaise, they pack a flavour punch.

7. Stephanie Alexander’s spiced potato cakes

These potato cakes are full of flavour and so easy to make. Loaded with herbs and spices, they make a delicious vegetarian finger food option for any menu you are creating.

8. Michael Weldon’s potato, bacon and leek rolls

Sausage rolls are a crowd favourite, and this recipe with a twist is no exception. Michael’s potato, bacon and leek rolls are perfect for parties. You can make them ahead of time and pop them in the oven just before the guests arrive.

9. Fairy bread melting moments

These fairy bread melting moments look so sweet and taste even better! Transport your guests back to their childhoods with this fun take on a classic.

10. Cheat’s cheesecake tarts

Rustle up these speedy cheesecake tarts for the ultimate easy finger food. Ready in just 15 minutes for an easy and budget-friendly end to your event. Striking the perfect balance of premade ingredients and make from scratch, your guests will be going back for more with these.