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Pass the pies - it’s game on!

Get footy-ready with these easy snacks.

1. Easy beef pies

You simply can’t go wrong with these hearty little beef pies. Pop ‘em in the pie maker for crunchy, golden perfection!

2. Mexican-style layered dip

After a simple starter to feed a crowd? Served with corn chips for crunch, this vibrant Mexican-style dip is the perfect option.

3. Easy meatball subs

This American style meatball roll, topped with melted cheese, is a takeaway favourite, but you can make it at home in just 20 minutes.

4. Loaded pizza

Make delicious pulled pork, pumpkin and fetta pizza at home in just 30 minutes with the help of a few shortcuts.

5. Cheesy sweet potato nachos

We've swapped corn chips for sweet potato in this delicious nachos dish. It’s topped with gooey cheese, tomato and avo.

6. Curtis’ steak tacos with salsa verde

Curtis Stone uses tender porterhouse steak to make these tasty soft shell tacos with a pepita salsa.