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Pork fillet recipes

Also called pork tenderloin, pork fillet is the top pick if you want a cut that’s lean, tender, tasty and quick to cook. It’s a versatile choice that can be pan-fried, stir-fried or cut into steaks. Here are our best pork fillet dishes to try, including Italian and Asian pork fillet recipes. Plus, if you love pork fillet steak recipes, we’ve included recipe ideas using alternative lean pork steaks. These include pork sirloin steaks, which are made by trimming pork loin chops, great-value pork scotch fillet steaks (also called pork neck steaks) and pork sizzle steaks – flattened pork leg steaks that are ideal for schnitzel.

1. Pork piccata with potato mash

Pork fillet recipes are so quick to cook – this Italian pork fillet recipe is ready in 15 minutes. Toss pan-fried pork fillet slices in butter sauce with zucchini, peas, lemon rind and capers. Squeeze over lemon juice at the last minute, then serve with cheat’s mash for a speedy dinner.

2. Prosciutto-wrapped pork with polenta

Another Italian pork fillet recipe that tastes like a restaurant meal, this pork fillet wrapped in prosciutto looks impressive but takes less than 30 minutes. Wrapped with sage, the pan-fried pork fillets can rest while you make a tasty mustard sauce and parmesan polenta. Decorate with crispy sage leaves - bellissimo!

3. Fuss-free sweet and sour pork

Not sure what to make with pork fillet? We love Asian pork fillet recipes (try it in any recipe that calls for chicken breast or thigh fillets, too). This twist on sweet and sour pork has no batter or deep-frying – just stir-fry the pork, make sauce, heat rice and serve.

4. Vietnamese-style pork with slaw

If you’re looking for a pork fillet salad recipe, try this Vietnamese salad topped with pan-fried pork scotch fillet or sirloin steaks. The sticky pork is coated in a zesty lime and sweet chilli glaze, while the slaw has cabbage, carrot, cucumber, spring onion, Vietnamese mint and a tangy dressing.

5. Pork steaks with mixed bean salad

Here’s another alternative to pork fillet salad – this recipe stars pork sirloin steaks that are simply cooked on the barbecue or chargrill. The salad is made with wholesome ingredients including fresh and canned beans, almonds and chia seeds, plus creamy fetta and a quick dressing of lemon, mustard and olive oil.

6. Lemon and caper pork steaks

Pork sizzle steaks or minute steaks are a handy alternative to pork fillet steak in recipes. This Italian recipe is similar to our pork piccata but with sliced lemon in the sauce. Rather than adding veggies to the pan, we’ve teamed pan fried steaks and mash with steamed baby broccoli.

7. Chargrilled pork steaks with sage butter

Also called pork sirloin, thin cut loin steaks are trimmed pork loin chops. It’s hard to believe this recipe has only 5 ingredients - thanks to convenient veggie packs, you can serve the steaks with a chargrilled veggie and rocket salad, steamed potatoes and sage butter sauce, all in 30 minutes.

8. Asian-style pork stir-fry

Thinly sliced pork sirloin steak is another alternative to pork fillet in Asian stir-fry recipes. This quick 5-ingredient pork stir-fry uses sliced mushrooms, frozen veggie mix, bought stir-fry sauce and microwavable rice so its super-easy to prep and cook. It makes a tasty dinner for any night of the week.

9. Pork stroganoff steaks

Here’s another idea for pan-fried sizzle steaks – make stroganoff sauce with onion and mushrooms. Tip: to stop the sauce from curdling, mix some of the hot stock mixture into the sour cream first before adding it to the pan. The steaks and sauce are delicious with mash and steamed beans.

10. Pork and eggplant parmigiana

Pork sizzle steaks make great schnitzel. Add a garlic and parmesan crumb, pan-fry until golden, then top with pasta sauce, fried eggplant and mozzarella and grill. To save time, cook the pork and eggplant up to 2 days ahead. Store in the fridge and bring to room temperature before grilling.