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Pork mince recipes

Need dinner inspiration for what to make with pork mince? We’ve put together a collection of easy pork mince recipes to inspire you whatever the occasion. There are two different but equally delicious ways to make meatballs with pork mince and favourite Asian pork mince recipes from cuisines include Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

1. Quick pork & noodle stir fry recipe

Try this pork mince stir fry when you want a super-simple dinner. It only uses 5 ingredients including pork mince, vermicelli noodles, stir-fry veggies, hoisin sauce and coriander. If you want the taste of Vietnamese pork mince in a no-fuss stir fry, whip this one up in only 20 minutes.

2. Asian-style meatballs

Meatballs with pork mince are always tasty, but mixing in aromatic seasonings is what makes all the difference in asian pork mince recipes. This one has lemongrass, ginger, garlic, sesame and spring onion in the meatballs, plus a sticky soy and sweet chilli glaze. Try with coconut rice and steamed greens.

3. Spicy pork noodle bowl

Another easy Vietnamese pork mince recipe, this vermicelli salad is a refreshing way to enjoy pork mince noodles. Assemble bowls of rich-tasting pork mince stir-fry with a ginger kick, served on rice noodles with crisp matchsticks of carrot and cucumber and crunchy roasted peanuts. Squeeze over lime and dig in.

4. Easy pork and kimchi noodle bowls

Rolling your own meatballs with pork mince and kimchi is the trick to packing big flavour into 2-ingredient meatballs. All that’s left to do to finish this dish is pan-fry the meatballs, prep vermicelli rice noodles and serve them up with a drizzle of sweet soy sauce and coriander leaves.

5. Pork dumplings

Calling all yum cha lovers - have you tried making your own pork mince dumplings at home yet? These pot sticker dumplings have an easy filling with the classic flavour combo of chinese pork mince recipes: cabbage, ginger, garlic, spring onion and oyster sauce. Add a vinegar-soy dipping sauce and enjoy.

6. Five spice pork lettuce cups

An all-time favourite among chinese pork mince recipes, these simple pork mince lettuce cups have a tasty filling seasoned with ginger, five spice and oyster sauce. There’s also lots of veg in this recipe – spring onion, water chestnuts and bok choy in the pork mince stir fry, plus crisp carrot and iceberg.

7. Cheat’s fried rice

Pork mince fried rice recipes often call for leftover cooked rice, but with microwavable rice in the pantry you can make it at a moment’s notice. This easy fried rice recipe uses nourishing 7 grains rice and also includes a rolled omelette, shredded baby spinach and crisp spring onion curls.

8. Pork larb salad

Thai pork mince recipes are always tasty, so make these pork mince noodles when you’re in need of a flavour hit. Make a pork mince stir fry seasoned with Thai spices and salty fish sauce, and serve on thick rice noodles with pickled carrot and cucumber, crisp carrot and mint.

9. Colin Fassnidge's pork meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta

For a pork mince pasta recipe that’s a break from your usual bolognese, give this recipe a try. The succulent meatballs are made with onion, garlic and herbs so they’re full of flavour. Bake in homemade tomato sauce then serve with al dente pasta, parsley and plenty of parmesan.

10. Tasia and Gracia’s prawn and pork wontons

Here’s another way to enjoy pork mince dumplings. These Indonesian wontons are one of Tasia and Gracia’s favourite Asian pork mince recipes. With succulent prawns in the filling, the dumplings and deep-fried until crispy and served with a spicy dipping sauce of Kewpie mayo, lime juice and ABC chilli sauce.