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Quick and easy dinner recipes

Looking for simple, delicious recipes to make this week? These 5-ingredient dishes are full of flavour and great for busy weeknights.

1. Portobello mushroom fettuccine

Loaded with tasty portobello mushrooms, this creamy fettuccine is the perfect meat-free option to try out this week.

2. Creamy tomato mussels

Shake up your usual go-to dinner with this creamy tomato mussels recipe. They’re as easy as they are delicious! 

3. Mint and rosemary roast lamb with veggies

This easy herbed lamb and veggies dish will be a new family favourite. You can’t go wrong. 

4. Moroccan pork with mashed potato

Spice up your week with this Moroccan pork dish. Served with creamy mash, baby rocket and parmesan, it’s a flavour sensation.

5. Ciabatta prawn pizza

Finish off your week with this simple but flavourful ciabatta pizza. It’s topped with prawns, juicy tomatoes and cheese.