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Quick pantry meals

We love fresh food, but sometimes we have to rely on what’s in the cupboard. We asked four Coles chef ambassadors to make a dish from just five ingredients, dried or canned, that you can always have on hand. Here are their delicious ideas. 

Mixed pantry items

The 15 pantry items you will need to make these dishes

1. Luke Mangan's sardines on crackers

Looking for a tasty snack or light meal? Try these delicious but simple sardines on crackers. They’re ready in just 5 minutes.

2. Michael Weldon's tomato rice with anchovies

Loaded with anchovies, this tomato rice is a flavour explosion. It’s easy to do, so give it a go for a delicious side or light meal this week!

3. Tasia and Gracia's chilli oil pasta

Bring the heat next meal time with this simple but flavourful chilli oil pasta. From pan to plate in just 15 minutes, this tasty pasta dish is sure to become a new household favourite.