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Refreshing celery recipes

Celery isn’t only good for celery sticks. In spring, celery is more abundant because spring provides its optimal growing temperature. What better way to harness its seasonality than getting creative with it in the kitchen! Cook your celery to bring out a sweetness while still maintaining its earthy flavour. Or enjoy it fresh, like in these gorgeous recipes with celery. Raw celery stalk has a satisfying crunch when you bite into it, and is surprisingly refreshing because of its juiciness from its high water content. Here are our 5 best celery salad recipes.

1. Celery, apple and poached chicken salad

Tender poached chicken is the perfect pairing for a mild vegetable like celery. This salad ties them together with a tangy buttermilk dressing that is elegantly speckled with mint. The rest of the salad is also visually stunning, with bright pink radishes, bright green celery and apple, and golden walnuts.

2. Waldorf salad with mustard dressing

If you’re a fan of the fruit and nut pairing, you’ll fall in love with the Waldorf salad. This salad features two kinds of apple, celery and walnuts on a bed of lettuce and blanched green beans, drizzled with a sharp mustard dressing and sprinkled with blue cheese.

3. Celery and blue cheese salad

This is the salad to make if you’ve only got 10 minutes to spare. Toss together Coles 4 Leaf Salad Mix, chopped celery, apple, walnuts and blue cheese, finishing it off with a zesty mustard dressing. Perfect as a quick lunch or a side salad for a dinner spread.

4. Brown rice salad with corn, celery and pomegranate

Craving a vibrant and tasty summer meal? This salad is just the thing you need. Ruby-coloured pomegranate seeds add bursts of sweetness, chargrilled corn kernels bring a smoky flavour, and salty fetta cheese delivers the creaminess that ties it all together.

5. Potato, red cabbage and blue cheese salad

Potato and creamy blue cheese dressing? Yes please. Celery brings a pop of freshness to this richer salad, which is also well balanced with some sweet honey and toasty pecans. Make this as the side salad at your next dinner party, it’s a wonderful complement to grilled meats.