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Salmon dinner recipes

Salmon is a low-carb, omega-rich, healthy dinner option for the whole family. With so many ways to cook and serve this gem of the sea, your dinner meal options are endless. Here are 10 of our favourite salmon recipes.

1. Tasty teriyaki salmon with noodles

With just five ingredients and 20 minutes of your day, you’ll have a delicious plate of tasty salmon and edamame ready to devour. Marinated in teriyaki sauce, the salmon is delicately flaky and fork-tender, a great textural contrast to the zucchini and soba noodle combination.

2. Creamy salmon pasta

Zesty and herbaceous, this creamy salmon pasta makes for a wonderful alfresco dinner recipe. The tangy sauce is a great complement to the tender salmon, especially when caught up in a twirl of linguine for that perfect bite. Serve with fresh dill, a crack of black pepper, and an extra squeeze of lemon to really pack in the flavour.

3. Curtis Stone’s salmon wellingtons

Wrapped in crispy puff pastry and served with a refreshing cos salad, Curtis Stone’s salmon wellingtons are a lighter take on this much-beloved English recipe. Packed with a flavourful filling of parmesan breadcrumbs, cream cheese, spinach, onion and garlic, this is a delicious dinner recipe that leaves you feeling totally satisfied.

4. Green salmon curry

Get an ultra-easy salmon green curry on the table in 20 minutes! Full of flavour and texture, this criminally simple Thai-inspired salmon recipe is brimming with chunks of flaky fish, hearty stir fry veggies, and silky rice noodles all swimming in a delicious green curry sauce from Marion’s Kitchen.

5. Chargrilled miso salmon with broccoli rice

Miso is loved for its funk and umami, and it goes perfectly with tender salmon and earthy broccoli. Brushed with the miso vinaigrette and drizzled with spicy wasabi mayo, this quick and easy dinner is fuss- and guilt-free—and it only calls for five ingredients!

6. Smoked salmon bagel salad

A smoked salmon bagel salad is a brunch favourite, and this reinvention turns a light and easy meal into something a little more substantial for dinner. With no cooking required, this classic combination of flavours—smoked salmon, dill, capers, cream cheese, pickled onions—is sure to get your taste buds excited.

7. Baked salmon bowls

Dinners don’t get much more simple than the classic protein, rice, and veggies formula. The brown rice and quinoa are an excellent base for this bowl, which is bulked up with veggies and homemade sweet potato fries. Keep the skin on for this salmon recipe for that satisfyingly crispy element that adds a beautiful crunch to your bowl.

8. Coconut-crumbed salmon with cucumber and chilli

Crispy and crunchy, this skin-on salmon is coated in a breadcrumb, coconut and lime mixture and sprinkled with chilli and coriander for a fresh, zesty flavour. A delicious main meal that will impress your dinner guests, this showstopper serves you and five others in just 40 minutes.

9. Crispy-skinned salmon with couscous

This light and easy dinner is protein-packed, super tasty, and done in just 20 minutes. Crispy salmon, fluffy couscous, pops of broad bean and the creamy combination of sweet potato dip and Greek yoghurt is the perfect mix of textures and flavours to leave you feeling energised and satisfied.

10. BBQ salmon with saffron rice salad

Set atop a bed of fluffy and fragrant saffron rice, this grilled salmon is dressed with a bright and zesty sauce that perfectly complements the fish. The accompanying salad is as colourful as it is good for you, packed with nuts and carrot and orange for some great crunch and an extra zing of citrus. This is a great salmon recipe for dinner and will delight the crowd it feeds.

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