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Scotch fillet recipes

This flavoursome cut of beef is a favourite with Australians coast to coast, beloved for its delicious marbling that makes it so tasty. It’s versatile too, and cooking scotch fillet is remarkably straightforward. Also known as rib-eye, the meat has a slightly open grain and a strip of fat essential for imparting flavour. Recipes for scotch fillet steak encompass salads, roasts, stir fries and, of course, barbecues. The scotch fillet recipes you’ll find below are perfect for spring and summer – bring on the sizzle season!

1. BBQ steaks with creamy lemon sauce

Scotch fillet tossed on the barbie with a touch of salt and pepper is great, but with a little bit of planning it can be elevated to a taste sensation. Scotch fillet steak recipes like this one marinate overnight in an aromatic paste of garlic, paprika, thyme and lemon rind to infuse the steak with a more complex flavour - but that’s not all. A lemon buttermilk sauce brings a touch of creaminess, elevating not just the taste but the presentation. 

2. Curtis Stone's grilled steak salad

This recipe for scotch fillet salad adds chargrilled vegetables to the mix for a hearty, filling salad that is more meal than side. Ready in just 25 minutes, the dish features a simple seasoning, comprising lemon juice, olive oil and salt, with the scotch fillet the star of the show. Add a slice of sourdough to create a satisfying dish that delivers lots of flavour with minimal effort, for a midweek meal with a touch of flair.

3. Chargrilled steak with baby broccoli

Cooking scotch fillet is an art easily mastered, and with a little bit of practice you’ll soon turn your attention to creating crunchy sides and salads to balance its meaty magnificence. Enter, baby broccoli (also known as broccolini), for a bright, tender and crunchy side that balances this dish with texture, freshness and nutrition. Sprinkled with smoked almonds and drizzled with Japanese-style dressing that together bring a nutty flavour, this recipe is perfect to serve on long and lazy spring and summer evenings.

4. Beef, tomato and bocconcini salad

Bright mixed tomatoes, avocado and creamy bocconcini make an impressive, flavourful and colourful base for this scotch fillet salad. As for the meat, it’s chargrilled with butter and garlic for a perfectly pungent, melt-in-your-mouth version of this classic meat cut. Serve it with grilled baguettes and a tried-and-tested balsamic dressing for empty plates every time. 

5. Garlic and oregano steak with olive peperonata

Recipes with scotch fillet steak don’t come more family friendly than this generous and quick-to-make version, served with crispy, tender golden-brown potatoes and pan fried red capsicums and olives. The garlic and oregano elevates the flavour profile of the steak to something special, set to make this dish a weeknight – or weekend – favourite.