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Seafood recipes for Christmas Day

Impress your guests this Christmas with these delicious recipes made with the freshest Aussie seafood.

1. Best-ever seafood platter

There’s no better way to celebrate the warm weather than with a delicious seafood platter. Try this recipe for your next get-together.

2. Coconut-crumbed salmon with cucumber and chilli

Add some zest to your next dish with this coconut-crumbed salmon with cucumber and chilli.

3. Smoked salmon crudo with lemon and basil granita

Indulge your guests with our smoked salmon crudo with lemon & basil granita. A simple yet excellent starter, it’s light and refreshing.

4. Prawn cocktail baguettes

With pickled onion and an easy homemade cocktail sauce, these fresh-tasting prawn baguettes are perfect for lunch or dinner.

5.  Lobster tails and salmon with horseradish butter

If you’re really wanting to impress, this lobster dish is one to try. Paired with salmon and horseradish butter, it’s a flavour sensation.