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Simple healthy dinner recipes

Packed with veggies, these simple and healthy meals are must-tries. From gluten-free spaghetti to frittatas, there’s something for everyone! 

1. Warm chicken lentil salad

This warm chicken and lentil salad is a filling and flavourful meal. It’s perfect for an easy lunch or dinner. 

2. Lamb and mixed pea salad

Loaded with green goodness, this lamb and mixed pea salad is a simple but impressive meal. 

3. Gluten-free marinara spaghetti

Give this easy marinara spaghetti a go for a delicious, gluten-free dinner. 

4. Barramundi and peach salad

Make the most of the in-season stone fruit with this simple barramundi and peach salad recipe. 

5. Baked sweet potato and prawn frittata

This layered sweet potato and prawn frittata is an easy and nutritious dish.