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5 simple steak recipes for dinner

Steak dinners in a hurry? The beloved scotch fillet is one of Australia’s most popular cuts of beef, preferred for its flavourful fat marbling and tender texture. Short on time to serve up thick cuts for dinner? Enter thinly sliced beef scotch fillet, which provides all the flavour in half the time.

1. Garlic butter steak with potatoes

Looking for steak dinner ideas? Meat, potatoes and garlic is a classic combination for a reason. This quick-and-easy steak dinner recipe will have you serving up for four in just 20 minutes, with slashings of garlic butter as your secret weapon to guarantee success. A side of fresh green beans balances the meal and boosts your nutritional intake.

2. Steak with roast potatoes and coriander chimichurri

There’s nothing better than a steak dinner with a side of tasty roast potatoes, except perhaps a steak coated in a freshly made coriander chimichurri. The herb sauce is the perfect partner for grilled (or pan-fried) meat and elevates the flavour profile of your meal in an instant. It also means there’s no need to marinade. Whip it up as the potatoes roast and before popping the steaks on the grill.

3. Pepper and thyme beef with zucchini salad

Reinvent steak for dinner with a fresh and satisfying salad for four. In less than half an hour, and using just 10 ingredients, you’ll have a healthy and hearty dinner on the table. The crumbled blue cheese will give the meal a tangy twist, while the zucchini, spinach and roasted peppers provide a light and refreshing base.

4. Chargrilled steak with beetroot salad

That crispy chargrill finish that makes steak so satisfying is the star of this mouth-watering meal. But let’s talk about steak dinner sides: pair it with a simple four-ingredient salad that you can toss together in the same amount of time your meat needs to rest, and you’ll have dinner ready in just 15 minutes.

5. BBQ steaks with spring peanut salad

Steak and salad is a universal favourite, but this spring peanut salad breathes new life into a staple recipe. Salad all-stars, such as tomato and lettuce, are combined with bean sprouts, mint and coriander with a homemade sweet-chilli dressing that brings a Thai-inspired twist to this dinner classic.