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Slow cooker beef recipes

Hearty, meaty, and absolutely falling apart, beef is an excellent ingredient for slow cooker dinners. With so many different cuts from chuck to shank to choose from, and versatile enough to be used in traditional and modern cuisines around the world, beef should be celebrated. Here are ten of our favourite slow cooker beef recipes.

1. Slow cooker beef stroganoff

This Aussie take on a traditional Russian recipe is made easier than ever in your slow cooker. Chuck is a great choice for slow cooker beef stroganoff as it breaks down over time to give you tender, juicy bits of steak amidst the creamy sauce. Served with herbed fettuccine, there’s a reason beef strog is a classic.

2. Sri Lankan style spiced coconut slow cooked beef & potato curry

Dani Venn shows us exactly how to use her Sri Lankan-inspired spiced coconut curry in this easy slow cooker recipe. The hearty combination of slow cooked beef and waxy potatoes is one that’s sure to bring you comfort on even the gloomiest of days.

3. Slow cooker sticky soy beef ribs

Enjoy the flavours of Asia at home with these slow cooked beef ribs. Marinated in a delicious honey soy sauce and infused with classic herbs and spices, these sticky ribs are sure to have the whole family licking their fingers.

4. Spring beef casserole

Served with couscous and packed with a selection of robust veggies like capsicum, zucchini, onion and garlic, this slow cooker beef casserole is a surprisingly refreshing dinner recipe. The addition of sweet pineapple provides a burst of flavour and slowly caramelises over the six-hour cook time.

5. Slow cooker beef ragu

Few things are more warming than a rich ragu. Slow cooked gravy beef becomes melt-in-your-mouth soft when gently stewed over four hours. The same goes for the vegetables, which will all break down to provide deep flavour and a lovely, creamy texture that goes down a treat with little bites of potato gnocchi.

6. Corned beef with maple mustard glaze

Silverside is a beloved classic, and it’s easy to make it yourself at home! This slow cooker corned beef recipe is ready to enjoy in four hours and can be eaten for lunch or dinner. The maple-mustard glaze offers something a little different to the traditional white sauce, but is just as delicious.

7. Slow cooker spaghetti and meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs isn’t exclusive to the stovetop, and this slow cooker version is wonderfully rich and creamy with intense tomato and red wine. Since the pasta is cooked in the sauce, everything is deeply infused with fantastic flavour that lasts until the last forkful.

8. Osso bucco with mushroom and red wine sauce

For a hearty and richly satisfying meal that wards off the chill, look no further than slow cooked osso bucco, made with this delicious mushroom and red wine sauce. Osso bucco is a shank cut with a marrow centre, which offers unrivalled beefy flavour for sumptuous stews and casseroles.

9. Slow cooker beef and rice hot pot

For some slow cooked comfort food that pays homage to Asian cuisine, this hot pot is a winner. Seared beef steak is marinated in a delicious concoction of sugars, sauces, and spices and stewed gently over four hours. The end result is pull-apart tender beef with a medley of crisp and crunchy toppings.

10. Massaman beef and potato curry

Massaman is characterised by its roasted peanut and gently spiced flavour, and these two things go perfectly together with beef and potatoes. This classic slow cooked massaman curry is very simple to make and endlessly tasty, and served on fluffy jasmine rice for just the right balance.