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Slow cooker dinners on a budget

Loaded with flavour, these slow cooker dinners are easy winners that won’t break the bank. From pulled pork burgers to a twist on fried rice, there’s something for everyone.

1. Chipotle pulled pork and slaw burgers 

These mouth-watering pulled pork and slaw burgers are perfect for burger night. 

2. Slow cooker chicken and chorizo rice 

Made with chicken and chorizo, this flavourful slow cooker rice is a satisfying meal. 

3. Slow cooker 'fried' rice

Try a spin on fried rice with this slow cooker version. It’s a convenient way to make this takeout classic. 

4. Potato saag aloo with pan-fried paneer

Served with pan-fried paneer, this saag aloo is packed with flavour. It’s a great meat-free option.  

5. Slow cooker Mexican-style brisket tortillas

These slow cooker Mexican-style brisket tortillas are so delicious, they'll be a new family favourite.