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Slow cooker pork recipes

Pork is among the most robust and versatile of proteins out there. Whether you’re cooking with tenderloin, belly, shoulder, or cured cuts like ham or bacon, incredible flavour can always be expected. Slow cooked pork is no exception—just take a look at our top ten favourite pork slow cooker recipes.

1. Slow cooker red pork curry

Stewed over a languorous six hours amidst rich flavours like red curry paste, onion, coconut milk and fish sauce, slow cooked pork shoulder simply melts in the mouth. This warming, comforting red curry is packed with flavour and makes for an easy, set-and-forget midweek meal that always satisfies.

2. Japanese-style pork noodle soup

Tender cooked pork belly, steaming, umami-rich broth, thick QQ noodles—homemade udon doesn’t get much better than this. Set in a soup of miso paste, soy sauce, mirin and more, this Japanese-style pork noodle soup is a fantastic winter warmer and a total comfort food.

3. Pulled pork with olives and pearl barley

Don’t overlook pearl barley! This underrated grain is full of fibre and protein and becomes deliciously soft when cooked. It gives this slow cooker pulled pork stew a lovely creamy texture which contrasts the tangy pops of olives and rounds out this hardy dinner.

4. Pork, fennel and sage ragu with polenta

Pork and fennel are a classic combination that never fails to deliver on flavour. The addition of earthy sage and rich, tomatoey sauce really makes this slow cooked ragu a perfect winter dinner recipe. Set atop a bed of soft polenta, this one is a great choice for cool evenings where you’re craving something homey.

6. Slow cooker mac ’n’ cheese

Bacon and broccoli were never so welcome in a mac and cheese. This creamy and crunchy, cheesy and chivey slow cooked bowl of guilt-free goodness is comfort food to the max, perfect as a pick-me-up to get you through the working week or a weekend treat served in front of your favourite Netflix show.

7. Colcannon potato and pork soup

Traditionally made from potatoes, leeks and cabbage, Colcannon is creamy and flavourful, especially topped with ultra-crispy bacon bits, which are a wonderful salty, meaty contrast to the earthy and starchy soup. This Irish dish is extra delish when served with crusty bread.

8. Slow cooker honey-soy pork belly with Asian greens

A classic Asian-style pork belly is always welcome at the dinner table. Slow cooked over six hours as it marinates in its own delicious juices and honey-soy-hoisin sauce, this tender pork belly is a great choice for entertaining. Served with Asian greens, this is an impressive dinner recipe that will always be in demand.

9. Slow cooker ham hock minestrone

We love a good minestrone soup recipe, and this slow cooked iteration featuring a whole ham hock definitely hits the spot. Packed with veggies like onion, carrot, celery, leek and zucchini, macaroni pasta, and—of course—rich and delicious chunks of fall-apart ham, this winter warmer is true soup for the soul.

10. Zucchini, leek and potato frittata

Not only is this slow cooker frittata totally fuss-free and easy to make, the two-and-a-half hour cook time leaves the combination of egg, cheese, veggies and bacon at the perfect texture. Light, airy, and with just the right level of density to keep everything together, this frittata recipe is great for entertaining and works well for lunch and dinner.