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Stone fruit recipes: peaches and nectarines

Make the most of juicy stone fruit this summer with these delicious sweet and savoury recipes.

1. Curried lamb skewers with nectarine and lentil salad

These curried lamb skewers are full of flavour and perfect for any night of the week. Paired with a nectarine and lentil salad, this dish is a must-try.

2. Honey nectarine and haloumi salad

With sweet and salty flavours, this honey nectarine and haloumi salad makes the perfect side or light meal.

3. Spelt and pecan peach cobbler

Have a go at this fruity pecan and peach cobbler. Topped with spelt dumplings, it’s an irresistible dessert.

4. Roast peach sorbet with caramelised peaches

Try your hand at homemade sorbet with this delicious roast peach sorbet recipe. Served with caramelised peaches, it’s an impressive and surprisingly easy sweet treat.