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Tasty twists on traditional stuffing recipes

Discover delicious stuffing recipes that will elevate your roast dinners. From a fruity spin to savoury herb medleys, add a flavourful spin to your feasts. 

1. Pancetta-fig stuffing

Crunchy, golden and salty, this Pancetta-fig stuffing is the ultimate side for Christmas entertaining. It's easy to make and just as easy to eat!

2. Curtis Stone's herb-parmesan stuffing

Looking for a tasty festive side? This herb and parmesan stuffing is as easy as it is delicious. It will complete any Christmas menu.

3. Curtis Stone's sausage and cornbread stuffing

This stuffing recipe is definitely one to add to the list. Made with tasty sausage and cornbread, this hearty stuffing is sure to be a hit.

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