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The best ham glazes

Here’s how some of Australia’s much-loved foodies, including our food editor, do Christmas ham at their place.

1. Michael Weldon’s marmalade and mustard ham

The balance of sweet, salty and bitter flavours in this glaze really help smoky Christmas ham shine.

2. Courtney Roulston’s spiced apple-maple ham glaze 

Salty, smoked ham goes perfectly with this sweet glaze. It’s easy to do and is packed with festive flavours.

3. Luke Mangan’s honey-mustard glaze

Try this honey-mustard glaze - it’s a foolproof family favourite that’s guaranteed to be a hit.

4. Curtis Stone’s best-ever peach and rum ham glaze 

This peach and rum ham glaze is the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Try it and treat your tastebuds this holiday season.

5. Sarah Hobbs' cherry and five spice ham glaze

This fail-safe cherry glaze is easy to do and packed with festive flavours. With sherry, cinnamon and orange, it will take your ham to the next level.

6. Charlotte's Christmas ham with plum glaze 

Made with plum jam and marmalade, this sweet and vibrant glaze is perfect for Christmas. 

7. Stephanie's grandpa's cherry glazed ham 

Made using colourful glacé cherries, this glazed ham recipe will add a festive touch to the table.