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The Nornie Bero collection

Enjoy this selection of some of the best recipes by Nornie Bero.

1. Sabee fish (coconut curry with snapper)

This creamy coconut curry is filled with aromatic ingredients and delicious snapper. A warming meal, this dish will be a hit at the dinner table. 

2. Semur chicken

A favourite in the Torres Strait, this tasty semur chicken recipe is packed with rich flavour.

3. Sop Sop (yam stew) 

Enjoy a taste of the Torres Strait with this delicious stew. Made with coconut cream and loaded with veggies, it will be a hit at the dinner table.

4. Meat lover's foot-long sandwich

Filled with tasty deli meats and a fresh tomato mixture, these foot-long subs take sandwich making to the next level.

5. Easter rocky road fudge

Use up any leftover Easter chocolate with this delicious spin on classic rocky road. It’s perfect for sharing!  

6. Quandong Christmas cake

Perfect for entertaining, Nornie Bero’s Christmas cake is full of decadent flavours and spices. It’s an absolute must-try this festive season.