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Your favourite recipes for March

Try our top 10 most-clicked dishes for the month.

1. Stephanie Alexander’s spiced potato cakes

These potato cakes are full of flavour and so easy to make. Loaded with herbs and spices, they make a delicious lunch or light dinner.

2. Portobello mushroom fettuccine

Loaded with tasty portobello mushrooms, this creamy fettuccine recipe makes for an easy, meat-free meal. It’s as simple as it is delicious.

3. Easy pork san choy bow

Delicious pork san choy bow on the table in 15 minutes? It’s possible with this easy 5 ingredient recipe.

4. Michael Weldon's fiery prawn pasta

Loaded with flavour, this spicy pasta dish is sure to become a new favourite at the dinner table. It’s great for using up leftover passata or tomato paste.

5. Meatball pasta bake

Switch up your usual pasta bake with this easy dish. Filled with pumpkin pieces and meatballs, this spinach and ricotta pasta bake makes a delicious weeknight dinner.

6. Creamy chicken casserole

Packed with veggies, this creamy chicken casserole is made easy in the KitchenAid cast iron casserole pot. Let it simmer away, then serve with sourdough to make the most of the flavourful sauce.

7. Simple zucchini spaghetti and meatballs

We’ve boosted this family favourite with extra veg. It’s a great way to up your veggie intake during the week.

8. Nornie Bero’s semur chicken

A favourite in the Torres Strait, this tasty semur chicken recipe is packed with rich flavour.

9. Apple pie cupcakes

We’ve given the classic apple pie a twist. These apple pie cupcakes are full of delicious flavour, with a surprise filling!

10. Chilli con carne tray bake

Loaded with spices, this easy chilli con carne tray bake is a flavour explosion. Even better, it’s done in one dish to cut back on washing up.