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Top recipes May 2022

Try our top 10 most-clicked dishes for the month.

1. Greek-style meatball and risoni tray bake

Topped with crumbled fetta, this meatball and risoni tray is a must-try. Ready to serve in just 30 minutes, it’s a total weeknight winner.

2. Lentil-stuffed eggplants

Filled with the goodness of lentils and roasted until golden, these stuffed eggplants are a tasty meat-free main.

3. Portobello mushroom fettuccine

Loaded with tasty portobello mushrooms, this creamy fettuccine recipe makes for an easy, meat-free meal. It’s as simple as it is delicious.

4. Quick one pan pumpkin gnocchi bake

Meat-free Monday is sorted in just 15 minutes with this delicious pumpkin gnocchi tray bake.

5. Apple pie cupcakes

We’ve given the classic apple pie a twist. These apple pie cupcakes are full of delicious flavour, with a surprise filling!

6. Edamame and apple brown rice salad

This versatile salad can be served warm or cold. The edamame and apple pairs well with the brown rice to create a dish with lots of texture and flavour.

7. Quick pumpkin and chicken soup

Loaded with delicious flavours, this simple recipe is an easy way to up the ante of your usual pumpkin soup. Give it a go this week for a speedy meal.

8. Healthy beef stroganoff

Enjoy a comfort dish that’s good for you with our lighter take on classic beef stroganoff. Served with a mix of pasta and zucchini noodles, this recipe is loaded with veggies and delicious flavours.

9. Slow cooker beef stroganoff

Enjoy an all-time Aussie favourite of tender beef and mushrooms in a creamy paprika and tomato sauce, made easy in your slow cooker.

10. Traditional cinnamon scrolls

Filled with sugar and spice, these cinnamon scrolls are the perfect sweet treat. Try your hand at making a batch at home.