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Top tips to reduce kitchen waste

Looking for ways to cut down on kitchen waste? Try these smart tips from our food experts – and remember, every little bit helps!


“Take steps to reduce waste in the kitchen, such as composting scraps.”

- Curtis Stone, Coles ambassador & Michelin-starred chef.

Stephanie Alexander with kids

“I aim to help kids know how not to waste, and use every leaf and stem.”

- Stephanie Alexander, AO Founder of the Kitchen Garden Foundation.

Mussels and chips

“I save prawn shells and use them to make a flavoursome seafood broth.”

- Courtney Roulston, Coles ambassador.

Jars and dishes on the kitchen shelf

“To help plan meals and reduce waste, I check my pantry and fridge before I shop.”

- Michael Weldon, Coles ambassador.

Frozen nuts in a bowl

“Freeze nuts to prevent them from going off – then add straight to your baking.”

- Sarah Hobbs, Food Editor.

Sweet roasted potatoes

“Keep skins on your veggies – they’re full of goodness and it saves on prep time too.” 

- Emma Braz, Assistant Food Editor.