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Traditional Christmas roasts

Treat your family this year with a traditional Christmas roast for dinner. Whether you love crackling pork or mouth watering lamb, these dishes will all bring a little magic to your celebrations.

Courtney Roulston's crispy roast pork with apple, onion and mustard gravy

Courtney created her crispy roast pork recipe in the Masterchef Non-Stick Roaster from Coles. It allows plenty of space for the veggies to crisp up, too.  

Roast pork with apple and walnut salsa

Served with a tasty apple and walnut salsa, this roast pork with crackling will be the star of your festive table.

Roast pork with potatoes, lemon, mushrooms and asparagus

Take your next sunday roast to a new level with this delicious roast pork recipe. Served with potatoes, lemon, mushrooms and asparagus, this dish is sure to become a new household staple.

Roast lamb with mint jelly glaze

Lift your game when it comes to roast lamb by studding the meat with garlic, rosemary and oregano, then brushing it with an easy mint jelly glaze. Delicious!

Sunday roast lamb

You can’t go wrong with a traditional Sunday roast. Served with steamed greens and roast veggies, this tasty lamb recipe is sure to be a hit at any dining table.

Roast beef with herb and garlic butter

Served with a simple herb and garlic butter, this Roast beef recipe is definitely one to try. Give this easy but delicious recipe a go this week.

Traditional roast beef with veg

This traditional roast beef recipe is an absolute Sunday classic. Served with cooked veggies, this dish has got your bases covered.

Curtis Stone's Mustard roast beef with creamed silverbeet

Served with delicious creamed silverbeet, Curtis Stone’s mustard roast beef is a classic. Keep the recipe on hand for Sunday dinners and family get-togethers.