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Use it up - herbs

Get creative in the kitchen with these helpful tips on how to use up fresh herbs.

Use it up - stock

Green goddess dressing 

Leftover parsley is perfect for making green goddess dressing, which is delicious on sandwiches, in salads or drizzled on grilled chicken. Check out the recipe for Garlic and Herb Chicken with Green Goddess Dressing.

Quick pesto 

Basil that’s starting to wilt will still make a tasty base for a rich homemade pesto, which you can stir through pasta, dollop on pizza or drizzle on steak. See how it’s done with our Basil Pesto recipe.

Comforting soup 

To use up herbs from root to tip, add chopped herb stalks and leaves to homemade stocks or soups. 

Delicious drinks 

Have some mint or rosemary handy? Use it to make elegant ice cubes for cocktails. Divide leaves among ice cube trays. Pour over water to cover. Freeze.

Just chill 

To keep them fresh, stand basil, parsley or coriander in a glass of water. Cover with a bag and store in the fridge.