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Ways to use up jam

Received jars of homemade jam for Christmas and not sure what to do with them? Try these tasty ideas on how to use up jam.

Vanilla cherry jam

1. Breakfast switch  

Run out of fresh fruit? Top your overnight oats with a dollop of jam for a fruity flavour hit. Or, stir 1 tbs jam through plain yoghurt before serving with muesli.

2. Easy glaze  

Jams and marmalades make great sticky glazes for meat. Try the recipe at

3. Baked brie 

Instead of adding honey to baked brie, swap out the sweet spread for a jam such as plum, cherry, apricot or blueberry. Try the recipe at

4. Perfect platter  

Arrange a few different flavoured jams on a savoury grazing platter – they’re a great substitute for quince paste.

5. Jammy biscuits

Use up any fruit jam you have by making the delicious biscuit recipe at

6. Super shake

Add 1 tbs strawberry jam to a vanilla milkshake for a hit of berry sweetness.