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Vegan curry recipes

For a vegan dinner with plenty of spice, you can’t go wrong with curry recipes. Indian curry is your go to - think chickpea curry, pumpkin curry or a tasty dhal – but we also have a great Thai green curry for you to try. There are even slow cooker curry recipes so you can make a delicious dinner without turning on your oven or stove. Check out our collection of vegan and vegetarian curry recipes.

1. Slow cooker turmeric and coconut dhal

Dhal recipes are ideal when you’re looking for a delicious plant-based meal that’s also a good source of protein. As well as lentils and split peas, this one uses quinoa and is easy to make in your slow cooker. Boost the coconut flavour with a sprinkle of coconut flakes.

2. Tofu green curry with coconut flakes

Thai green curry is an all-round favourite and this one is meat-free with pan-fried tofu and plenty of green veggies. Served with speedy microwavable rice to soak up the creamy sauce, it’s on the table in 30 minutes. Not all Thai-style curry pastes are vegan, so always check the label.

3. Slow cooker cauliflower with lentil and chilli dhal

With a whole cauliflower on Indian curry lentils, this plant-based slow cooker recipe couldn’t be easier to make. Unlike meat-based slow cooker recipes that start with frying on the stovetop, for this one you just throw everything into the slow cooker then set and forget until it’s ready to serve.

4. Vegetarian tikka masala

Here’s an easy vegan recipe to try if you’re after an Indian curry with lots of vegetables. It has fresh pumpkin and cauliflower and canned tomatoes, plus coconut milk and tikka curry paste. Cooked in one pan, it’s ready in 35 minutes. Finish fresh mint and serve with fluffy rice.

5. Chickpea, carrot and lemon curry

Looking for a vegan Indian curry recipe for your slow cooker? This golden curry is made from scratch with dried chickpeas, but if you forget to soak them you can take a shortcut with canned chickpeas. Serve with basmati rice and flatbread for a delicious vegan meal for 6.

6. Roasted cauliflower dahl

Here’s another dhal to satisfy your cravings for a vegan curry. Made with quick-cooking red lentils and rich tikka masala curry paste, it’s bursting with crisp green beans and smoky golden roast cauliflower. Try it with dairy-free yoghurt, torn flatbread and lemon wedges to squeeze over for a fresh lift.