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Vegan dessert recipes

Whether you follow a vegan diet, are catering for vegan guests or want to treat yourself to desserts made with wholesome ingredients, these vegan dessert recipes are for you. We’ve got vegan-friendly versions of classic desserts – think vegan cheesecake, vegan lemon tart, vegan chocolate mousse, vegan ice cream, vegan pavlova and more. All of these delicious recipes contain no dairy, eggs or honey and are based on vegan-friendly ingredients such as fresh fruit, nuts, coconut and maple syrup.

1. Dragon fruit and raspberry vegan cheesecake

Vegan cheesecake is top of the list of our favourite vegan dessert recipes. This pretty-in-pink dessert has a fresh date and almond crust and a beautiful marbled cashew and coconut filling flavoured with berry and dragon fruit puree. Freeze it until firm then serve it up for an eye-catching dessert.

2. Banana and strawberry vegan nice cream

Vegan dessert recipes don’t get much easier than this 2-ingredient wonder. For vegan ice cream, just freeze your fruit ahead, including bananas for a creamy texture. Then blend and enjoy as a soft serve treat or freeze again for firmer scoops. This one comes with extra berry bits on top.

3. Curtis Stone's dairy-free rice pudding with spiced plums

This warm pudding makes a refreshing change from chilled and frozen vegan dessert recipes. Flavoured with vanilla – and saffron if you have it – the sweet rice pudding is made with coconut milk and coconut cream instead of traditional dairy products. It’s delicious with nuts and syrupy spice-roasted fruit.

4. Fruity vegan nice cream bars

Vegan slice and vegan ice cream combine in this colourful frozen dessert. Whip up a mix of vegan ice cream, frozen banana and fruit puree and layer it over the oat, cashew, date and coconut slice base. Try it with peach, blueberry and raspberry purees or create your own twist.

5. Vegan chocolate and mixed berry mousse

Chia seeds are an easy egg substitute for making vegan chocolate mousse. Blend with cocoa powder, plant milk and dates and maple syrup for sweetness. For berry mousse, blend with dairy-free yoghurt and avocado or banana. Layer up with extra yoghurt, fresh berries, nuts and coconut, then grab a spoon.

6. Vegan cupcakes with caramel popcorn

Looking for vegan cake recipes? Check out these sweet party cupcakes. Piled high with pretty vanilla frosting, they’re egg free and made with plant-based spread instead of butter. For the ultimate decoration, create your own dairy-free caramel popcorn clustered with sprinkles. They’re an easy treat for everyone to enjoy.

7. Vegan tropical ice cream cake

Here’s a great vegan dessert recipe for entertaining - make it up to a week ahead and store in the freezer until ready to serve. The macadamia and coconut crust, banana and coconut vegan ice cream filling and pine-lime topping makes an irresistible combination. Finish with fresh fruit and coconut caramel.

8. Choc peanut butter raw cheesecakes

Want individual vegan dessert recipes? Try these nutty vegan cheesecakes. Made in a silicone muffin pan, they have an almond and date crust and a coconut-cashew filling flavoured with vanilla, cacao and peanut butter. For the finishing touch, drizzle over vegan chocolate sauce made with cacao powder and maple syrup.

9. Lemon and blueberry vegan tart

Searching for a vegan lemon tart recipe? Give this one a go. A classic vegan cheesecake set in a fluted pan and decorated with blueberries and candied lemon, it’s a show stopper. The salted coconut, almond and pistachio crust is delicious with the creamy cashew, coconut and lemon filling.

10. Egg-free mini pavlovas

The secret to vegan pavlova is aquafaba, the liquid drained from canned chickpeas. It’s a vegan egg substitute that you can whip up into a meringue-like mixture for baking. Our mini pavlovas are topped with marbled coconut yoghurt and jam, berries and pistachios. Try them on a vegan pavlova board.