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Vegetarian pasta recipes

Penne and pumpkin, spaghetti and spinach, macaroni and mushrooms—pasta recipes for vegetarians are easy and abundant! With so much variety to choose from, we’ve simplified things by counting down our 12 favourite vegetarian pasta dishes.

1. Pasta salad with grilled peach, fetta and rocket

For a healthy dinner that tastes more like a treat, look no further than this delicious peaches and pasta vegetarian recipe. The combination of sweet and juicy grilled peaches with creamy Danish fetta, peppery rocket and salty pistachios is perfect for summer nights and alfresco dining.

2. Edamame fettuccine with walnut pesto

Edamame pasta is vegan, gluten free, and a good source of soy protein and healthy fibre—not to mention it also tastes great. We’ve gone for the monochrome with this dish, which combines the green pasta with basil pesto, baby spinach and rocket leaves. It’s fresh, earthy, and full of fantastic flavour.

3. Antipasto, bocconcini and risoni salad

This delicious pasta salad is Italy in a bowl! Great as a side dish or as a main meal, this vegetarian pasta recipe calls for risoni, also known as orzo, which looks similar to rice. It balances bright bursts of olive, onion and roasted capsicum with silverbeet and zucchini, and adds a creamy element with little pops of bocconcini.

4. Tomato and chickpea pasta

Chickpeas and mushrooms add body, texture, and amp up the nutritional value of this delicious vegetarian pasta recipe. Flavoured with onion and garlic, the tomato and vegetable stock sauce is super tasty, and since this recipe calls for spiral pasta, you’ll be able to enjoy it with every forkful.

5. Gnocchi with broccoli pesto

If green is meant to be good for us, this vegetarian gnocchi must be fantastic. Featuring an all-star cast of green vegetables like peas, spinach, broccoli, and mint, this vegetarian pesto pasta dish is fast, easy, and ultra-delicious.

6. Roasted pumpkin ravioli with brown butter and sage

Pumpkin, burnt butter and sage is a delightful combination beloved by Italian restaurants—but it isn’t exclusive to fine dining! Enjoying this delicious vegetarian ravioli pasta recipe at home is easier (and quicker) than you thought.

7. Easy vegan bolognaise

Free from egg, dairy and nuts, this bolognaise pasta recipe is vegan and vegetarian-friendly whilst remaining fast, easy, and tasty. Ready in just ten minutes, it calls for only six ingredients and will leave you feeling totally satisfied.

8. Green pesto vegetable soup

Packed with hearty veggies and farfalle pasta and sprinkled with toasted pepitas, this vegetarian, creamy pasta soup is vibrant in both colour and flavour. This is a great pesto soup recipe for the cooler months and ensures you get your daily vegetable intake.

9. Zucchini spaghetti with tomato sauce

Zoodles (zucchini noodles) are all the rage since they’re a great low-carb alternative to wheat pasta. Styled after real spaghetti, this dish is bulked up with heart-healthy chickpeas and a medley of vitamin-C-rich tomatoes. Simple, packed with nutrition, and undoubtedly delicious, this one will become a fast favourite.

10. Sweet potato gnocchi with pesto

This oven-roasted sweet potato gnocchi and basil pesto recipe calls for just five ingredients—so simple it’s almost impressive. It rewards a little investment of time and care with a restaurant-quality vegetarian recipe that will delight you and your dinner guests.

11. Basic mac and cheese

Crispy, creamy, and oh-so cheesy, this vegetarian macaroni and cheese recipe is perfect for any and all occasions you’re craving something comforting. Richly flavoured with Dijon mustard and cheddar and topped with parmesan breadcrumbs, this warm hug of a dish is ready to eat in less than forty minutes.

12. Veggie-loaded spiral pasta

One pot and half an hour is all you need to put this vegetarian pasta on the table. Packed with all your favourite vegetables—onion, garlic, capsicum, carrot, zucchini, spinach—and souped up with veggie stock, this is an ultra-easy weeknight dinner that makes for great leftovers.