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Vegetarian slow cooker recipes

Create rich, aromatic vegan and vegetarian dinners loaded with flavour. The secret ingredient? A little bit of time!

1. Vegan miso eggplant with tofu and sesame pumpkin 

This tender eggplant dish is packed with veg and Japanese-inspired flavours.

2. Mexican-style rice burritos with guacamole 

Spice up your week with these burritos, packed to the brim with rice, corn and beans. 

3. White bean stew with polenta dumplings 

Warm up from the inside out with this veggie-packed stew. Topped with homemade polenta dumplings, it’s a guaranteed hit. 

4. Slow cooker dahl with beetroot hummus 

Load up on spice in this hearty dhal dish. It’s served with creamy beetroot hummus for some extra oomph. 

5. Vegan eggplant moussaka 

Load up on eggplant in this tasty vegan moussaka. It only requires 15 minutes of prep.

6. Cheat’s kimchi with fried eggs

Take the hard work out of dinner tonight with our cheat’s kimchi. It’s bursting with tasty greens and Asian-inspired flavours.